Jessica Joy

Born and raised in South Texas (returning soon!) and then dumped in icy cold Utah at around age 18. Single mama to a sticky three year old named Bella who loves "happy to you" (birthday) cake and "sharing" my food, not hers. Girlfriend to a chemist named Cody who doesn't find me as funny as I think I am but loves me anyway. Currently 22 years old and working in the world of finance, also a lover of cupcakes, nap enthusiast, political junkie, proponent of real butter, etc.

My view on food: moderation is the key. I try to eat healthy most of the time, but if I'm craving something, I'll eat it and I refuse to feel guilty about it because I don't think that's a healthy attitude towards food. Especially if I'm at a nice restaurant or on vacation. I don't restrict but I also don't over indulge/binge.   I love food and I love eating but don't want to be fat so I try to control myself and cook at home daily.

 In short, if I want a cupcake, but I don't let myself eat cupcakes, I will end up eating a dozen cupcakes. If I want a cupcake and have a cupcake, the world doesn't end and my craving is cured for quite awhile. The end.

PrettyHealthyHappy: The name of this blog is pretty much my goal for my life.

  • Pretty. I adore pretty things: pictures, cakes, clothes, homes, food, etc. I try to buy things that will make me happy to use/wear/eat them. If you must wear clothes everyday, live in a house everyday, and eat food everyday, make them pretty and enjoy them! Even having a pretty pen to take notes with can make your classes more enjoyable. At work, it's my pretty coffee cup.
  • Healthy. Being healthy is also an important goal of mine and isn't limited to just eating salads. Being overall healthy includes physical health as well as mental/emotional. I try to manage my stress and not take on more than I can handle or surround myself with people who hinder this goal. You'll never find me SO BUSY that I don't have time for the things I enjoy. Sometimes you are forced to take on more that you would like, in which case, you need strong coping mechanisms to deal with stress. I am firm believer in eight hours of sleep per night, minimum. As well as, taking your vitamins, exercising, and being kind to yourself. Sometimes, cupcakes ARE the answer.
  • Happy. Well, if my first two goals are accomplished, the end result for me is happiness! Cooking is also something I love to do that makes me happy. I don't want to ever be stuck in something that makes me unhappy-- like a job I hate, etc. Sometimes real life gets in the way and you really do have no other choice for that moment, but I think long-term you should work towards things you really love.